Homes for Generations

Dr Nigel Isaacs

Dr Nigel Isaacs is a Senior Lecturer at the Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington where he teaches environmental science, heritage architecture and history of building technology. Nigel’s research has explored how energy is used in a wide range of building types, including homes, hotels, offices and shops. He led the BRANZ Household Energy End-use Project (HEEP) and the Building Energy End-use Study (BEES) looking at office and retail buildings. HEEP was the first national study of the how’s, why’s, when’s and where’s of household energy-use. It provided new knowledge on the way energy is used and the benefits, including indoor temperatures.

Nigel’s research includes evolution of the technology of building construction, which led to five series of programmes on Radio New Zealand (RNZ) National. He is currently researching the evolution of NZ building controls from the 1840s to the 1940s, and historic methods of moisture management in NZ houses.