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30 September 2020

Webinar Presentation to NZIA

In September Dr Kay Saville-Smith, Co-leader for AHFG gave a webinar on ‘Navigating the Housing System’ as part of the NZIA 2020 Webinar Series. You can watch the webinar here.


19 September 2020

Stuff Article – Close to Home: Could second dwellings be a solution to the housing supply crisis?

Citing the CRESA report for BBHTC on Ancillary Dwelling Units, reporter Tim Newman writes on some current issues for those wanting to subdivide in Nelson, as the local council prepares to release it’s Whakamahere WhakatÅ« Nelson Plan next month. Link to full article here.


Why we need social housing more than ever – Stuff article

As part of their Close to Home series on housing issues, Samantha Gee reports on the growing demand for social housing and talks to Dr Kay Saville-Smith about changes in the housing system. You can read the full article here.


6 September 2020

Housing Studies Journal article on Tenure Insecurity published.

A new article featuring work from three of the AHFG team published on-line September 2020, journal due December 2020. James, B., Bates, L, Coleman, T., Kearns, R., and Cram F. (2020) Tenure Insecurity, precarious housing and hidden homelessness among older renters in NZ. Read the abstract here.


31 August 2020

Stuff article on renting in retirement

Dr Kay Saville-Smith comments on the challenges we face as homeownership becomes increasingly unattainable for many New Zealanders and the number of people renting into retirement, often in poor quality or unsuitable dwellings, increase. This issue is evident not just in Nelson but increasingly a problem in urban areas nationwide. Link to full article here.


30 June 2020

New Research Bulletins published

On the publications page you’ll find recent Research Bulletins from AHFG research team members, Michael Rehm and Yang Yang – writing on Housing Speculation in Auckland, and Dr Bev James looking at Older People’s Housing experiences during Covid-19, and the use of housing as the base for care and support.


8 May 2020

Radio Interview with Dr Kay Saville-Smith

AHFG team co-leader Dr Kay Saville-Smith spoke to Mani Dunlop on RNZ Midday Report about the finding in the team’s recent research bulletin that some essential workers are living in overcrowed homes – putting housemates and whanau at additional risk.


4 May 2020

Research Bulletin on Essential workers

A BBHTC Research Bulletin from Affordable Housing for Generations researchers Dr Kay Saville-Smith and Ian Mitchell, exploring housing affordability, crowding and tenure for essential workers working under Covid-19 lockdown levels 3 & 4 has been added to the BBHTC website and is available for download now.


2 April 2020

Advisory Groups Established – March 2020

Two advisory groups have been established to provide expert advice to the Affordable Housing for Generations research programme – a research advisers group and a research practitioners group. A list of the current advisory group members can be found here.